by LPF12

Mirny 38:42
Signy 33:26
Dome 18:08
Murdo 04:49


Only a few months after the release of WHITEOUT Sascha Lemon Lemon aka LPF12 sends us back to the icy depths of the antarctic continent and visits it’s research stations once again. WHITEOUT² consequently walks the path it’s predecessor has already chosen and tempts the listener with complex soundscapes, conjuring up a caleidoscope of pictures in the head. Experimental sounds meet catchy melodies, icy drones melt with ethnic sound elements and hypnotizing sequences. WHITEOUT² creates a unique atmosphere, letting New Age-listeners as well as Electronica-fans float away.

LPF12 stands for demanding cinematic music, and the new album of the german electronica artist is another impressive example. WHITEOUT² is an entertaining, diverse album, which will be a delight for admirers of electronic music.

WHITEOUT² will be released by Ionium Records on AUG 31, 2012 and as special pre-sale on Bandcamp on AUG 16, 2012.


released August 16, 2012

music composed, performed, mixed and produced by S. Lemon
recorded and mixed @ f1equen2trukt lab studio in 2012

stills by ObjectART

thx to my family, fans and supporters





LPF12 Germany

LPF12 is a solo-project by german artist Sascha Lemon, creating cinematic Electronica. He released various albums on Ionium Records, Abstrakt Reflections, Crime League, 7MNS Music, Component Recordings and Raumklang Music as well as a growing number of Bandcamp-only releases. ... more

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